Broad -Based Black Economic Empowerment

Why Work with Empowerme.School

We select suitable and appropriate candidates
Although we are not a BBBEE Verification Agency, we administrate the funding allocated to tuition fees, wellness program, literacy program and student accommodation.
We provide support to students to assist throughput rates:
1. Wellness program
2. Literacy program (offers assistance to students struggling with reading, writing and comprehension skills.)
3. Technological system (triggers and reports student performance and where the student requires assistance.)
Regular detailed reports based on participation and performance are issued to sponsors  
Sponsors can register for constant messages to update them on learner participation and performance rate via WhatsApp and Email.


We offer solutions to corporates and consultants that experience the following problems:


  • Sourcing suitable bursary candidates (learners)
  • Screening of the potential candidates
  • Selection criteria and implementation thereof
  • Administrating the funding to the candidates and institutions
  • Tracking and reporting of payments;
  • Tracking and reporting of learner performance
  • Dealing with learner problems
  • Tracking the outcome of the initiative to ensure compliant with verification agency requirements to be awarded BEE points.
  • Collecting the relevant documentation to achieve the best outcomes


  • Sourcing candidates / learners for the client
  • Ensuring that the candidates / learners are successful so that the BEE consultant is able to show the client value
  • Securing space for candidates at institutions of higher learning
  • Tracking performance of the candidate to facilitate the reporting to the client
  • Administration of funds on behalf of the clients for tuition fees, learning materials and accommodation
  • Accounting for all funds disbursed
  • Providing evidence to the verification agency of institution accreditation details, learner details (payments and academic performance) to verify compliance Supporting the learner to ensure no negative feedback or reputation risk to agency or sponsoring client.
  • Ensuring that learners complete their studies and graduate
  • Providing maximum “value add” to the client.


The unique service that we offer:

  • As a source of talent acquisition
  • Obtaining PR / Publicity / brand loyalty from bursary funding
  • Enhancement of corporate brand through participation in broader “CEO nation building award” opportunity
  • Obtaining broader value added benefits for the remaining employees in the company
  • EmpowerMe has a PR / Marketing service (subject to agreement by the Corporate and Learners) to provide above services.

THE LEARNER – selecting, career guidance, matching:

  • me provides all the parties with information to ensure that the process of finding the right candidates is done correctly.
  • We perform career assessments to ensure that potential candidates are studying the suitable courses
  • Matching candidates to profile requested by corporate.

The learner has access to:

  • Our learning for meaning programs
  • Study support program
  • CV building (the learner will be taught how to build their CV for the work place)
  • Voucher system
  • Timetable assistance


  • We administer the funds to the correct channels for tuition, learning materials and accommodation.
  • We provide detailed reporting and supporting documentation for verification of funds.


EmpowerMe Voucher System

Our voucher system allows for the student to scan any bar code, which will update a Google sheet with the number code.  This will allow us to track each bar code whether for accommodation, tuition, etc.  each time admin scans a bar code from a user it will update on the sheet. 

Required Documents

  • Audited financial statements
  • Signed and dated management accounts
  • Valid tax clearance certificate
  • CICP company registration documentation

Skills Training

The following documents are required for certification:


Proof of skills spend for all black disabled employees and black women disabled employees


Proof of skills spend for all black employees and black women employees


Supporting documentation to proof skills spend/Receipts from beneficiaries/Journal entries, training certificates


Proof of payment of Skills Training, traveling, courses, expenses


Skills Development Report EEA4 (Salary differential statement)


Proof of SETA registration


Workplace skills plan


Employment Equity Plan


Agreement contract between company and learners on Bursaries

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